All Posts – Movies

This is a list of movies watched, in reverse chronological order. Good luck figuring out the title of the movie by the cryptic article title. 🙂

Bleakness In The Ozarks
A Matinee Of Delight
A Quiet Search For Peace
Circus in Sochi
Invasion Of The Marvel Snatchers
The Radical Environmentalist Super Villain
A Different Kind Of Gavel Of Justice
Post-Apocalyptic Silent Movie
Where’s My Controller?
Sycophants Gone Wild
Cash Machine With A Social Conscience
Deadpan Euripides
Low Drama In High Fashion
Casper, Not The KKK
The Skating Princess We Deserve
Gary Oldman’s Oscar Bait
Was That A 5 Hour Movie?
We Are The Monster
Not All Struggling Artists Are Geniuses
Who Am I?
Coma Rom Com
Justice Unrequited
How Do You Kill A God?
A Motion Oil Painting
A Visually Stunning Ozymandias
Charming Rogue Death Dealer
Still Don’t Want To Relive The ’70s
Holy Mother
The Goonies Fight Krusty
Where Does She Put Her Shield And Sword?
Granddaddy Slasher
Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
Dukes of Hazzard Meets Ocean’s 11
Saving The World While Wearing High Fashion and High Heels
A Week, A Day, An Hour At The Beach
Human’s Ultimate State Is…A USB Stick?
A Music Video Dressed Up Like A Movie
The Red Death Held Illimitable Dominion Over All
The Sociopath With A Conscience
The Madness of Machines
Marvel’s Cash Sucking Formula
A Motion Picture Without Motion
What Will Be The Next New Jim Crow?
Making Pacific Rim Look Like Citizen Kane
A Sequel That I Didn’t Know I Needed
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – 2017 Version
Meet John Wick, You’re Dead
The Girl Off The Wagon – The Movie
The Anti-Avengers
I Am Not Your Negro
Punk’s Grandaddy
Just Add Horror
Where’s A Serial Killer When You Need One?
And The Cash Machine Continues To Spew Forth
A Movie About The 30’s Actually About The 60’s
Tralfamadorians Invade Earth
Matryoshka Revenge
Not Punk AF
Reynolds’ Backup Blockbuster to Deadpool
What A Lovely Movie
Tom Cruise Runs a Lot, Even for Tom Cruise
Forensic Accountant: Man of Action
Not Your Father’s Western
When Does Art Become Fraud?
Even Bagels Need Religion
A Laconic Tale Told Languidly
Bankers Gone Wild
Star Trek Foils My Hater Plan
The Fragility of Our Past
One Good Incest Deserves Another
It Couldn’t Happen Here?
Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich
And The Oscar Goes To…The Farting Corpse
This Is Not Spinal Tap
What Would You Do for Love?
Mobius Strip
The Safe Guys
Godfather – The Russian Version
Meet the New Boss
The New A-Team
Rarely Going the Distance
I Now Want a Kitty
Christopher Nolan – The Early Days
A Prophetic Vision of Our Present
A Taut Chase to the Inevitable
A Paean to America’s No Longer Favorite Pastime
Samurai Shakespeare
Stranger Danger Rescuer
Watching Perfection
Ye Olde Horror Movie
A Movie that Took Me Longer to Watch than it Took to Film
Tom Hanks is the Jimmy Stewart We Deserve
Movie Theater Assault
The Folks that Make Kubrick Look Normal
I do Love my Screwball
An Honest Liar
Give Leo his Statue Before He Kills Himself
The 50’s were so Awesome – Scratch that
The Humanity of Puppets
When the Thin Veneer of Society Tears
Sealed Under Pressure
Getting Rich While the World Burns
Chuck Speaks Mexican
Don’t Piss off a Bored Immortal
Geek gets his Turing on
James Franco Dies in the End
Is Tarantino Finally Revenged Out?
Risky Business in Inglewood
Star Wars Redux
Bardolatry in Full Bloom
Time to Reboot the Reboot
Oh So Sexy Science
Benicio Plays a Weird Guy for a Change