All Posts – Day in the Life

This is a list of weird things that have happened to me.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Introverts Unite!…Quietly Alone
First Days of R-Ball
Make $10,000 A Month From Your Home!
A Boy Becomes A Man
Well Played, OSF, Well Played
Who’s On Trial Here?
A Bad Way to Wake Up
Know Slang Before You Use Slang
Worst Work Day Ever
Some Things Can’t Be Unseen
Redneck Dog
Best Christmas Gift Ever
I Need A Bigger Hanger For This Much Irony
Sweaty Men Grappling
Implementing Software in a Proust State of Mind
What’s up with Cheese?
Destruction Hammer
The World’s Worst Software Developer
No, I Can Explain, I’m Really not a Pervert
A Different Kind of Retirement Party
Band Trip – Embezzling from Myself
Life Without Car Seats
My Life of Crime: Medical Fraud
James and Gaddis – Equally Unreadable for Completely Opposite Reasons
A Christmas Surprise
Eskimos and Carbohydrates