All Posts – Books

This is a list of books read, in reverse chronological order. Good luck figuring out the title of the book by the cryptic article title. 🙂

Reacher Needs Some Kryptonite
Fear And Loathing 2020
Suicide By Dance Partner
I’m A Little Despot, Short And Stout
20 Years In A Rabbit Hole
The Man Who Destroyed A City By Saving It
No Problem Can’t Be Made Worse By Politicians
Apocalypse Roulette
Demon Dog Thumbs Up
Jack Of All Forms
The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
That Colossal Wreck, Boundless And Bare
Hempel Overdose
Another Flann O’Brien Acid Trip
Berlin Fulcrum
A Portal To The American Unseen
Southern Gothic Parables
Geek Capone
Cave Tertia Optio
So Much Trouble During The Troubles
Thousand Points Of Empire
Bro-ing It Up In Babylon
Sending Drunk Soldiers Into Battle
It Can Happen Here
Gave Her Mother Forty Whacks
Life Before Hamlet?
Insolent, Ungrateful Slaves
Not So Clear
Do You Want To Live In A World With Only Bing?
An Heir And A Spare
Plastic Surgery Uplift Suasion
I’d Buy That For A Dollar
Too Much Jazz
Fight For Your Right To…
Author, Know Thyself
There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills
Justice For Those Poor Suffering Corporations
New Deal – Whites Only Need Apply
The Novel As Sermon
We Will Drive Mankind To Happiness With An Iron Fist
Literary Dry Martini
No Hope In This Box
Spying, Africa, And Whatever
The Birth Of A Rivalry
Heart of Western Darkness
We Got You This Time, Trump!
Behold The Boomer King!
On The Hunt For the Psychedelic Mr Magoo
Lives Of Quiet Desperation In The Burbs
Despair California Style
Maximalist Pynchon
When Geeks Ruled Celluloid
From Bible Camp To Hipster
Go To A Hospital And Die
A Scottish Dystopian Hurly-burly
It’s The Slavery, Stupid
Trapped in Transgressive Fiction
Brain Damaged Amateur Detective On The Case
World War I + Zombies = Tedium
Glimmer Twin Tells All
Violent Murder > Explicit Sex
Semiotics – Marx Brothers’ Style
Boomer Lives!
One Is The Loneliest Number
A Road Trip In The Hands Of An Angry God
Beatnik Transgressive
Reparations Now
As A Horologist Lay Dying
Lives Of Quiet Desperation In Maine
Not Your Daddy’s Faulkner
A Conspiracy Of Dunces
The Dogman Cometh
Watch Out Trump – Shakespearean Scholar All Up Your Ass!
An Ancient Code Of Honor
The Bohemian Private Schools The Elites
Not Drinking The Kool-Aid
Not Your Father’s History
Tongue Clucking Rationalist
The Enemy Of Your Enemy Could Still Be Your Enemy
How Eccentric Amateurs Beat The Nazis
Something Is Rotten In The State Of Rome
History As Postmodern Literature
Forget it, Harry. It’s Glasgow
How I Single-Handedly Destroyed America
One Man’s Search For Hidden Truths
Finger In The Light Socket Literature
Hankering For The Good Old Days That Never Were
Love During Siege
Check Out The Big Brain on Brett!
These WMDs Are Real
A Clash Of Civilizations Writ Small
High Hitler!
New Journalism Goes To Vietnam
Just Another Clown Rom-Com
Laughing At The Bleakness
Slaves Built More Than The White House
A Journey Through Slavery
Dimestore Dostoevsky
Too Little Justice Is Not Enough Justice
Bachman > King
Love In The Cloistered Manor
A Book About Play Should Have Been More Playful
What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been
Nikki Takes Charge
A Mosaic Of One Color
Thanks Obama
Halfway Through The Death March
Breaking Bad Meets Atlas Shrugged
Where’s Yossarian When You Need Him?
A Swirl Of Conflict
Wake Up Sheeple!
Policemen Committing Crimes Against Humanity
The Hitman, Not The Morphine Addict
Destroying the World for Why Exactly?
Justice Is A Dish Not Best Served Cold
Horror for Creepers
Beware The Quiet Ones
Slouching Towards Sparta
The Only Thing Wrong With Black People Is…
A Failed Exercise Book
Movie Images Put To Words
A Melange of Terror
Death Comes For The Poet
Killing To See His Daughter
War Between The Desert States
Something New…White People Behaving Badly
Iraq Through a Prism
A Few Scant Words About A Hypergraphic
When You Ask For James Bond And You Get Maxwell Smart
Jumping On The Fascist Crime Noir Bandwagon
Beaten By A…Gasp…Television Series
Infinite Jest, Jr
Saving The American Way By Declaring Martial Law
Purdue Pharma and Xalisco Tag Team America
A Quiet Life Meticulously Told
Contrarian Historian Hatorade
1, 2, 3, 4…Words!
A Cry For Empathy
The Vastness of War In Small Stories
Time I’ll Never Get Back
A Collection Of Short Stories Masquerading As A Novel
Pull Your Damn Pants Up
A True Corporate Slave
The Not So Sweet Science
The Reckless Futility Of A Blind Superpower
Kwai Chang Caine Meets Jason Bourne
A Fantasy Sci-Fi Mystery Love Story Family Drama
Excuse Me King, But I Think I See Your Willy
Am I Missing Some Chapters?
An America That I’ve Never Seen
Making Men Healthy Enough To Die
A Wunderkammer Of Essays
A Mystery Lacking a Mystery
Around the World in 1086 Days
Going Up?
Forget It Harry, It’s Stockholm
Just Say No
United States as Gilliam’s Brazil
No Dream For You
Sacha Baron Cohen, Is That You?
Slavery Shall Set Us Free
Proto Military Industrial Complex
The Terrorist Under My Bed
The Magician Vs The Medium
A Safe Ride To A Predictable Destination
A Literary Pop-Up Book
One Too Many Vertical Loops
It’s A Series Of Tubes
A Searing Struggle to Regain Humanity
Gateway Drug to the Russian Novel
Great Prophecy Does Not Make Great Literature
Little Sympathy for the Devil
An Extreme Act of Self Criticism
A Grim Foray into Desolation
A Peace To End Peace
Yet Another Thompson Mind Fuck
Forrest Gump Meets Mr Magoo
When YA Goes Seriously Wrong
Laurel and Hardy Take Comparative Religion 101
Serious Business
Carver’s Spirit Lives On
To Err Is Human
Punk Rock Is Punk AF
The Girl Off The Wagon
The 21st Century Stockade
The Witches Made Me Do It!
Florida Man Meets 1950’s Harlem
Blow Minds In 10 Pages Or Less
Ghostman Already Needs a Reboot?
Ennui Up The Ying-Yang
My Dinner With A Spy
Real World – Baltimore
Starting With A Whimper
A Literary Throat Punch
A Post Modern Assassination
Embrace Your New Masters
For Those About To Fail, We Salute You
No Madeleine, But Still Proustian
Edge of Tomorrow – The High Brow Version
Not Geek Enough
A Banal Hustle
Much Chaff, Little Wheat
God Bless America
Two Trains Going to a Predictable Destination
The Madness of Feigning Madness
The Madness of Twins
The Madness of Kings
Come Back
On the Run in Dublin
Forget it, Jake, It’s Hell
Our True Existential Crisis
Murder Investigation as a European Vacation
The Spy Who Betrayed Me
Mayhem on Wheels
Torn Between Two Worlds
No Surprises, but still Surprised
Heart of Darkness
The Shawshank was a Puff Piece
Florida Turned Up To 11
You Have a Point, But Why So Shrill, Bro?
Paging Philip Sedaris
Great Moments in Space
Conspiracy Theorists Beware
Being There and not Really Being There
An Improbable Premise Improbably Well Done
Slavery Version 3.0
Motherless Brooklyn
A Different Kind of Shakespeare
Tree Huggers: Enemies of the People
Cupidity or Stupidity?
The ‘Burbs Aren’t Looking so Bad
The Law of Unintended Consequences Has Not Been Repealed
Cormac McCarthy – A Tender Love Story
Memento vs Memento Mori
Beat the Nazis with a Paddle
Less is Sometimes Really More
Not Your Mom’s Travel Essay
Person of the Century
More Mayhem in Norway
Yes, White European Males Still Suck
The Quest for a Moral Compass
Frank Bascombe or Rabbit Angstrom, Too Close to Call
We’re all going to Die and it’s our Fault – That is all
Idiot America – Um Yeah…
Blowing up an Empty Bathroom does not Cause a Revolution
I’m Not Dead Yet
Tarantino’s Next Movie
When Women were Broads and Asians were…
DFW’s Crown is still Intact
What We Talk About When We Talk About Love