Was That A 5 Hour Movie?


Title: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rating: 2 Stars

I have to admit it. I think that I’ve seen all of the Star Wars films, but I’m certainly not some fan boy obsessing over them.

Was it me or did The Last Jedi last about 5 hours? It certainly seemed like it. I watched a matinee and came out of it thinking that it must be dark and dinner time, but no, it was only 1:40 in the afternoon.

Part of the problem was that I swear there were at least five major points of time in the movie where it could have logically finished, but it kept going. There’d be some climatic fight (like between Kylo Ren and Rey, or maybe between Kylo Ren and Luke) or there’d be some climatic heroic sequence (Finn trying to stop the cannon) and I’d be stretching a bit, maybe reaching for my jacket…and no, the movie’s still moving onto to the next dramatic moment.

There was just too much baked into this plot. Even now, I’m not sure what the point of Finn and Rose going to some gambler planet to retrieve one specific code breaker. After all of that, they didn’t even get the code breaker they needed and even after that, it turned out not to be that important anyway. That could probably chopped 15 to 20 minutes right there. Did they feel some compunction to give Finn something to do? Was there some obligation to have Benicio Del Toro do one of his trademark morally challenged odd characters?

The whole Princess Leia near death scene was ridiculous. I’m sorry, but give me a break. Even in the Stars Wars universe that was pretty much totally unbelievable. Again, why?

The plot between Rey and Luke was also problematic. She goes there (I think) to bring Luke back into action and also to get some Jedi training herself. If I recollect correctly, Luke underwent extensive training with Yoda to acquire his expertise. Luke gives her like three lessons totaling about twenty minutes, and then she’s good?

This whole thing just seems like such a rehash of the original trilogy. Hey, look it, there’s an evil empire, all dressed up like Nazis. Even their cute robots have everything but an swastika branded on them. You have the underdog rebel force, looking scruffy, but apparently having access to huge stores of material and secret bases. You have the conflicted character on the dark side of the force. You have the conflicted character on the light side of the force. You have the risk taking, cocky pilot. You have vague spiritual mutterings that sound like they came out of a new age group therapy session.

At a certain level, it functions as some kind of simple cowboy western carnival ride. As usual, the special effects are impressive and pretty seamless. To their credit, the universe is no longer composed exclusively of white people and oddly shaped aliens.

But still, aside from the obvious money making possibilities, why was this film made?


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