Rockin’ Around the Clock – Until 11 PM


Title: Rockabilly Riot

The Rockabilly Riot was at El Corazon. My ticket cost me $15 and there were ten bands on the bill. Considering the fact that one of them, the Legendary Shack Shakers, is a band of some renown, I’m guessing that the lower billed bands might have been playing for free beer or something.

El Corazon has two stages: its own stage and The Funhouse stage. The lesser bands were on the much smaller Funhouse stage while the bigger bands were on the main. For the purpose of efficiency, they alternated. Once one stage completed, the next stage would start up immediately.

I didn’t listen to all ten bands because I’m old. I’m guessing that the headliner, the Shack Shakers, probably would have taken the main stage somewhere around one in the morning. That was not going to happen with me.

I caught pieces of four of them. I came in as the Stoned Evergreen Travelers were just getting started in the Funhouse. This was a band out of Tacoma. The person playing the stand-up bass was a woman. There was a woman playing the fiddle. The lead guitar / vocalist was a man sporting a serious ZZ Top grade beard. They went on stage and just rocked out. Being somewhat lower on the bill on the smaller stage, they might have been playing for free beer, but they sure had a good time doing it.

Next on the El Corazon stage was Redneck Girlfriend. Right away, you can tell the difference between bands playing on the main stage compared to the smaller stage. The bands on the El Corazon stage were just generally tighter, more confident, and had better stage presence. Clearly, these bands have been touring for a while and know how to put on a show. While nothing outstanding, Redneck Girlfriend put on a solid rockabilly set.

Just like with the Skatoberfest concerts that I go to, you figure out pretty quickly that a significant percentage of the people in the audience are either in one of the bands or are staunch supporters of one of the bands. As Redneck Girlfriend was finishing up, a woman that just happened to be standing next to me turned to her friend and said that she should finish her drink because she’s up next.

Sure enough, after Redneck Girlfriend finished up, I walk back to The Funhouse and there she was on stage. She was Marieke of Marieke and the Go Get Em Boys. Before the show, I’d went to their Facebook page and there they announced¬†that this was their last show. On stage, she slightly softened that statement by saying that it might be their last show.

I hope they reconsider. They truly had an interesting sound. Marieke was on vocals and her style was somewhat reminiscent of Hillbilly Moon Explosion, a band whose sound I really enjoy. However, Marieke has a slightly nasty punk sound to her voice that adds another layer to the sound. Rockabilly can start to sound the same (especially when 10 bands are on the bill!), but this band’s sound really stood out as something unique.

For pure entertainment quality, you can’t touch The Delta Bombers. They were just an incredibly tight band. The drummer and bass were absolutely rock solid, driving the band forward at all times.

The lead singer had a great presence. The lead guitarist was cooking. The audience was dancing and slamming. Several members of the Shack Shakers came out to watch them, which in itself I would think is a pretty good statement.

I poked around a bit at the next act, but I felt so good after watching The Delta Bombers that I decided to head out.

It was a great night out, lots of fun, all kinds of people of all ages politely crowding each other with absolutely no problems. It was a good time for all.



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