A Night Of Genteel Comedy


Title: Sarah Silverman

I saw Sarah Silverman at the Paramount Theatre. The show started close to 30 minutes late. This was very likely caused by long lines that were a result of burly security men having to wand us and check all bags. Apparently Silverman has been getting threats. Given the political climate that we live in and the ruthlessness with which she attacks it on her Twitter feed, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

It was a pretty entertaining night. Her delivery was at times awkward. Sometimes the pacing flagged. She came onstage equipped with a lot of notes that she referred to regularly. There were parts that didn’t really fit together. The segues between jokes was often abrupt.

So, it’s pretty clear that she was working through new material. She certainly had an hours worth (probably more). We were watching the process of her trying to form her bits of material into a cohesive act. She was open about it. I’m guessing that by the end of this leg of her tour, she will have it honed down enough such that it’ll be ready for an hour long special.

Despite the occasional awkwardness, it was a very much Sarah Silverman performance. She has an honest, open personae from which she spews forth outrageous comments.

She had bits about:

  • The pain of laser removal
  • Growing up, her dad giving her a dirty joke book to overcome her bedwetting awkwardness at an overnight camp
  • A rape joke about her sister (seriously!)
  • How important 9/11 is to childless people
  • Children in movies and child molesters
  • A hated nun’s menstruation flow
  • Shaking hands with a woman with a hook
  • The male equivalent to an pre-abortion ultrasound
  • God cumming in the mouth of a Christian man (tied it back to Abraham’s command to sacrifice his only son, Isaac)

Clearly she’s an experienced, expert comedian. Even with the awkwardness, she delivered her routine with great timing and humor for an overall enjoyable night.


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