Truth In Advertising


Title: Pancakes & Booze

Well, this is yet another apparently long running thing that I never heard of. This is some kind of loosely linked national event. I went to their Facebook page and I saw upcoming events in Raleigh, San Francisco, New Orleans, Toronto, Dallas, and so on.

It’s essentially an art show at a local club (in the case of Seattle, it is staged at El Corazon). That would be the booze part of the show. Located in one part of the club is a couple of people making pancakes for everyone. This national organization charges a modest fee for artists to hang their work and charges a modest fee for patrons to enter (5$). These fees are just to cover their costs. The purpose is to give a low overhead outlet for local artists to show their wares and hopefully make a couple of bucks.

With your drink and your pancake, you wander around the club. They claimed that 150 artists were showing, but I can’t imagine that there were really that many. It was pretty full of patrons wandering around. There were jewelry artists, photographers, painters of many genres and subjects, and an interesting couple who apparently are making musical instruments out of old cigar boxes.

For all of the edginess of having pancakes and booze at a local rock club, the event itself was surprisingly conventional. There were artists standing by their work, introducing themselves and hoping to convince you to make a sale. As I mentioned when I went to the Punk Rock Swap Meet, it does say something about the staying power of capitalism when the underground / avant-garde  artists patiently explain their work, price it according to market pressures, and willingly accept credit cards.

There were a couple of body painters there as well. When I was there one artist was engaged in drawing a life-size fetus on the belly of a very pregnant woman.

I am still hoping at some point to find a piece of art by a local artist that inspires me to want to put it on one of my walls. Nothing really struck me here. I had a slight moment of weakness when I saw the zombie Pikachu painting, but I figured that since Pikachu as a fad was something completely past my generation, that hanging that would make me some kind of inter-generational poser.

My quest continues.


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