This Is Not Spinal Tap


Title: Popstar

Rating: 3 Stars

OK, the title of the post is a little mean. It was cheap and easy, so I took it.

I enjoyed Popstar. The songs, unsurprisingly since it’s Lonely Island, were the best part of the movie. They’ve mastered the ability to make a song  sound like a conventional hit song while simultaneously being ridiculous.

The three obvious best examples are the ultimate humble-brag song, I’m So Humble; the Macklemore mock Equal Rights (NOT GAY!); and the world’s least erotic explicitly sexual song Bin Laden (yes, Bin Laden). All three nail their respective genres with brutal precision.

The movie device is a director making a documentary by following an artist as he releases an album and then goes on tour to support it. The tour goes horribly and is canceled midway through it. A band of childhood friends breaks up, tries to patch things together, fails, but then by the end they are reunited, rediscover/rekindle their friendship, and are successful once again.

Does that plot remind you of any other movie? Hence my post title, while snarky, is not completely unwarranted. Although I enjoyed the movie, pretty clearly the actors are no match for the collective genius of Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer.

So, it was OK. It was well timed and moved along smartly. I laughed out loud in a couple of places and the songs were pretty awesome. It was a good satire reflecting how the music industry functions now.

I just don’t think that, 30 years from now, people will still be clamoring for a Style Boyz reunion like a certain fictional British group I could name.


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