Mayhem on Wheels


Title: The Wheelman

Rating: 4 Stars

How has Jason Statham not optioned this yet? This is the Transporter dialed up to 11.

Lennon is a mute getaway driver (hello, Jason, very little dialog!). He gets involved in a bank robbery that appears to be successful, but ultimately becomes a disaster. The usual suspects of drunk, corrupt ex-cops, Italian mafia, and Russian mafia all end up involved in a swirling mass murder cocktail.

All Lennon wants is to be not killed, get his money, and get out of town. All of this becomes apparently impossible to do.

This was an adrenaline packed ride. If you choose to embark on it, first thing you must do is suspend all belief. Lennon is apparently unbreakable, and boy, do a lot of people try to break him (apparently he’s Kick-Ass). He’s in a serious car accident, he gets thrown into a construction site concrete tube (twice!), he gets acid poured on his throat, he gets shot, almost gets blown up in a house explosion, gets beaten with a shovel, has a grenade explode near him, and other random beatings and assaults that I no longer remember.

The book has remorseless, graphic violence. Sympathetic, humorous, minor characters are dispatched of with abandon.  Don’t become emotionally invested in anyone in this book (makes me wonder if Cormac McCarthy ghost wrote it on the down low). I give it extra credit for intentionally avoiding a conventional, emotionally satisfying ending.

It was a plot-driven, very fast read. I found it very entertaining and I raced through it at a break neck pace.


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