I Now Want a Kitty


Title: Keanu

Rating: 4 Stars

OK, that is one seriously adorable cat. It was the cat that bumped it up to 4 stars.

It was certainly hit and miss. It looks like Key and Peele are still trying to figure out how to make a movie. It played like a series of related skits (much like how Saturday Night Live alumni start out). Some parts were pretty great, such as the scene where Clarence and Rell enter the strip club and also when Clarence turns the gang onto all of the wonders of George Michael. Other scenes had much more feel of padding. It was a 98 minute movie that, if anything, felt longer.

However, it’s a good start. Key and Peele have wonderful chemistry, I love their skits, the movie was serviceable, and I’m hoping that they’ll grow into the medium.

Some months ago, I watched Dope, which although a different premise, is, at the end of the day, a pretty similar premise. Both revolve around a group of conventional black people that, through a strange set of circumstances, have to navigate the world of violent criminals. Obviously, they are both playing off of all of the stereotypes that mainstream culture lays upon the black community as a means to demonstrate its true diversity. In my opinion, Dope did it in a much more believable, cohesive story, although Key and Peele are much more confident comedic actors.  Interestingly enough, in both cases, the comedic sidekick was a white dope dealer.

It was certainly a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.



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