Destruction Hammer

For some reason, I don’t remember now, I went to the local hardware store.  Once again, I found myself in the power tool section facing a fearsome collection of mechanical products that brag about their horsepower, volts, rpm, cubic inches and such that leaves me feeling totally inadequate as a man.

Next to the power tool section was an area where you could rent the really serious tools.  I wandered over, and surprisingly enough, was not immediately evicted due to lack of testosterone (I kind of pictured having to go through a detector kind of like at the airport which would measure manliness and have judgment passed therein.  “Sorry sir, I’m afraid you’re not allowed here.  May I direct you to gardening?”).

I saw something stored in a bright red metal case labeled ‘Destruction Hammer’.  Thinking that this was just about the coolest name for a tool ever (yes, I would like to wreak destruction, would you have a implement to aid in this endeavor?  A hammer? Very nice, I’ll take two), I made a beeline to investigate.

I was picturing something that Thor would use while hammering out his thunderbolts.  I was somewhat disappointed to open said red case and discover a common, run-of-the-mill jack hammer.

Still way too much tool for a mere mortal software geek like myself, but still, I was expecting something much more dramatic.


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