Conspiracy Theorists Beware


Title: Bad Monkeys

Rating: 4 Stars

If you’re a tin-foil conspiracy theorist, this is the book for you. There is an invisible battle taking place between good and evil that no one knows about.  Neither one is a government entity. They are both very large, very private, very rich enterprises.  One is out to wreak chaos and the other is out to kill evil.

The protagonist, Jane Charlotte, has been arrested for murder and is now in a mental institution. The book unfolds as a series of interviews that a doctor conducts with her. As she’s telling her story, the doctor is trying to convince her that she is a delusional paranoid.

She is a member of the organization dedicated to good. This organization is made up of several divisions with names like Panopticon (surveillance), and Bad Monkeys (assassins of evil people).

She tells the story of her recruitment, training, and missions. Her final mission is to try to rescue her brother Phil, who has been kidnapped by the evil organization, brainwashed, and is now one of its most powerful leaders.

I found it to be an entertaining read. It starts out very strong, kind of looses steam in the middle, gets pretty frenetic towards the end, but ultimately is redeemed with a strong ending.

It’s not going to be read in literature class a hundred years from now, but once I started reading it, I was pretty compelled to finish it.


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