Great Moments in Space

Below is a verbatim transcript from the Apollo 10 mission, as reported in Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach

CERNAN:  …You know once you get out of lunar orbit, you can do a lot of things.  You can power down…And what’s happening is —
STAFFORD:  Oh—who did it?

YOUNG:  Who did what?

CERNAN:  What?

STAFFORD:  Who did it? [laughter]

CERNAN:  Where did that come from?

STAFFORD:  Give me a napkin quick.  There’s a turd floating through the air.

YOUNG:  I didn’t do it.  It ain’t one of mine.

CERNAN:  I don’t think it’s one of mine.

STAFFORD:  Mine was a little more sticky than that.  Throw that away.

YOUNG:  God almighty.

[And again eight minutes later, while discussing the timing of a waste-water dump.]

YOUNG:  Did they say we could do it anytime?

CERNAN:  They said on 135.  They told us that—Here’s another goddam turd.  What’s the matter with you guys?  Here, give me a—

YOUNG/STAFFORD:  [laughter]

STAFFORD:  It was just floating around?


STAFFORD:  [laughter] Mine was stickier than that.

YOUNG:  Mine was too.  It hit that bag—

CERNAN:  [laughter]  I don’t know whose that is.  I can neither claim it nor disclaim it. [laughter]

YOUNG:  What the hell is going on here?

And that’s why we need a space program.  Save NASA!!


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