Stranger Danger Rescuer


Title: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Rating: 4 Stars

This was an outstanding thriller that works on multiple levels.

A woman gets in a car crash. She wakes up chained to a bed. There a man greets her, claims that everyone is dead and that he has saved her. She’s understandably suspicious but later receives conclusive proof that he is right. She tries to adjust to her new situation, but then discovers that her savior may in fact not be the good man that she now thinks he is.

Did the world really come to an end? What does the man intend for the woman? What has he done to other women in the past? These are the questions that permeate the movie and make for engaging watching and thought.

This is a small movie. There are essentially three characters, and most of the action takes place in a below ground small bunker.

John Goodman as the potential rescuer does great work giving his character the shading that hints at his character’s complexity.

John Gallagher Jr is the good natured ne’er do well who manages to make it into the bunker and is trying to make the best of the situation.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the captive woman. At the beginning I was worried that this was going to be another damsel in distress situation, but no, after some initial confusion and adjustment, she turns into a smart, resourceful, bad-ass willing and able to do what’s necessary to survive. She was a strong, compelling heroine.

There was one thing that was grim, though. I love going to the Cinerama. It has great seats that allow you to lean back, leg room aplenty, a wonderful screen, great projection, great sound, and of course, chocolate popcorn. The concessions are even reasonable. If you ask for a small drink and a small popcorn, you do not get a 64 ounce drink and a tub of popcorn for $20. You get a reasonable sized drink and popcorn for a reasonable price. This could totally be a non-money making Paul Allen vanity project, but if so, keep it going!

However, from the previews, it looks like the upcoming movies will be: Batman vs Superman, the next Captain America, and the next X-Men. Ugh! Please, someone stop the Marvel / DC movie takeover! I might not be going back there for a while.


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