Sealed Under Pressure


Title: Locke

Rating: 4 Stars

I rented this movie because I was interested in the concept. A single actor, driving a car, and answering repeated phone calls. In a nutshell, that’s the plot. I then read how it was filmed. It was filmed over six nights, where Tom Hardy did the entire film live (with the people he talked to on the phone calling in live) twice each night. I had to see if this could actually be pulled off.

I have to say it was. I found it riveting. Hardy plays a moral, hard-working, tightly driven, tightly controlled family man whose personal life and professional life unravel as he tries to do the right thing (or at least the thing that his father never bothered to do himself).

From a one night stand, he has gotten a woman pregnant. The woman goes into premature labor, forcing him to abandon a concrete project that he’s responsible for at its most critical juncture and forcing him to miss a family event so that he be with the woman when she delivers.

You can feel the pressure build as his world compresses around him. He nearly loses it several times and maybe does lose it a bit as he has imaginary conversations with his dad.

The movie rises and falls with Tom Hardy. He rises to the occasion and carries the movie.

I also was somewhat encouraged about how cheaply the movie was made and that it appeared to make back the investment and maybe make a little. This gives me hope that there still might be a market for tiny little films for adults in the sea of superheroes and dinosaurs.


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