Star Wars Redux


Title: The Force Awakens

Rating: 4 Stars

Well, at least it didn’t suck.

Actually, it was good. It was just basically the same movie as A New Hope (‘The’ Stars Wars movies for those of us old enough to have seen it originally in a theater). There’s a desert planet. There’s a young unknowing to-be warrior languishing on said desert planet. There’s a wizened veteran giving guidance to the to-be warrior. There’s something that looks suspiciously like a death star. There’s a desperate dog fight to destroy the death star like thing. This death star like thing seems to have similar vulnerabilities that the original death star had (does anyone learn anything in this universe?).

Let the Rey, Finn, and Poe action figure feeding frenzy begin!

I’m glad the movie doesn’t suck. But couldn’t they have been just a little less safe?


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