Time to Reboot the Reboot


Title: Spectre

Rating: 2 Stars

The Bond franchise, after several decades had gotten stale and had become an almost cartoonish version of action movies.

With Casino Royale, it received a much needed re-boot. There was a grit to that movie that none of the previous had. Every movie after that had slowly descended back to the schlock of the earlier films.

With Spectre, we’re back to the cartoons:

  • James Bond can shoot from the hip and kill anyone at any distance
  • The villains are hilariously ineffective at shooting him
  • The Super Villain (Christoph Walz in full accented sneer mode) literally walks Bond around his complex explaining his evil plan
  • The Super Villain sets arbitrary timers that give Bond enough time to escape (where’s Seth Green offering to shoot him right now?)
  • The Super Villain was a friend of Bond who escapes death and ends up horribly disfigured (hello GoldenEye?)
  • At any point Christoph could have asked for a ransom of 1 million dollars and it would have fit right in

Come on Idris Elba, please come and save Bond. We need you!


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