Benicio Plays a Weird Guy for a Change


Title: Sicario

Rating: 4 Stars

I’d just read The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow, so this was familiar territory.

I’d never heard the word Sicario (Hitman), but then encountered it in two works within a week or so.

I expected Emily Blunt to be more of a badass, kind of like she was in Edge of Tomorrow. However, she spent most of the meeting complaining about the extra legal tactics of the CIA guy (Brolin) or being afraid of what’s going on. Maybe that was the point. She’s a bad-ass FBI person that just got in totally over her head.

Josh Brolin played the classic neo-conservative ends justify the means kind of guy. Drugs are going to come in so might as well try to minimize the chaos as it comes in (basically overthrowing one drug lord to put in another that can rule the world).

Benicio Del Toro plays another in a line of odd characters. He’s pretty clearly a monster created by the drug cartel and is intent on vengeance. By the end, he’s basically a superhero terminator who can’t get hurt and has perfect aim. That put the movie into over the top territory.

I’m guessing the secondary story of the crooked cop (transports drugs in his car) with the wife and child that ends up getting shot down in cold blood by Benicio is trying to show the human side of the drug business. The cop is clearly not a bad guy; he might not have a choice in the matter. Given all else, I’m not sure how much value was added with this plot line.

By the end, Emily’s been completely demoralized and probably has no future in law enforcement.

The movie fails the Bechdel test. I had high hopes with Emily playing the lead, but it was not to happen. Other than the cop’s wife, I’m not even sure if there was another female in the movie.


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